FUSE Electrical offers rewiring services to residents and businesses based in London. Our team consists of electrical experts who are quick to provide you solutions to your electrical problems. We can identify for you whether a rewire is necessary or not; book now for a home visit or contact now for advice on any problem. Bad house wiring and outdated electrical wiring is a very common cause of house fires. This can be very dangerous if left unfixed. Newer technologies prevent problems such as heat buildup and wire resistance whereas old wiring can become damaged or deteriorate over time if it is made from outdated materials.


  • Does your fuse box have a replaceable fuse wire?
  • Do plug sockets have scorch marks or get hot when in use?
  • Are your cables missing an earth cable?
  • Do you regularly have your electrics checked and tested?
  • Does a fuse box keep blowing/tripping out?
  • Are electrical appliances regularly blowing a fuse?


If ANY of the above match the description of your home, contact us immediately to seek best action!

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